Here is what you need to know about packing clothes for Kamp:

CLOSE-TOED SHOES are REQUIRED for wear throughout the camp with only one exception: A pair of water-proof flip flops is recommended for shower and bathroom use only. Tie shoes (“river shoes”) are required for all river and lake activities. We recommend an old pair of lace-up tennis shoes with no holes. Water shoes or water socks are NOT an acceptable substitute.

For all river and lake activities, LIFE JACKETS ARE REQUIRED. The camp has numerous life jackets available for use. If you have a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket which you prefer to wear, you may bring it to camp. The only water activity which does not require a life jacket is swimming at a local pool.

Swimsuits: Sturdy swimsuits are recommended for all genders, as most of our water activities take place in lakes and rivers, where more durability is the best option for the conditions. One piece (tank) or two piece (tankini-style) suits or swim trunks/board shorts are recommended…

ADDITIONALLY: a t-shirt or rash-guard is strongly recommended for tubing and canoeing to help guard against sunburn and tube-burn. For some activities such as canoeing and tanking, a pair of shorts over a bathing suit can make for a more comfortable experience (canoes are aluminum, tanks have wooden seats) so plan accordingly.

Kamp Clothing: Campers and staff are expected to wear appropriate clothing at Kamp. We ask that midriffs be covered, and undergarments not be exposed. No clothing or t-shirts will be allowed that send inappropriate messages in either written or picture form, which are profane or demeaning, promote illegal, violent, or gang activity, or which promote the use of alcohol or drugs.

Some examples of clothing which is considered inappropriate:

  • Shirts with the sides cut out
  • Spaghetti straps/halter tops/tube tops
  • Low-cut or cropped shirts
  • Pants/shorts that sag, or shorts which are very short

Ultimately, the final say on whether something is appropriate or not lies with the Kamp staff and

A final note: While camping takes place during the typically warmer months, we have experienced cool nights, and sometimes cool or rainy days. There is air-conditioning in most of the buildings, so having a flannel shirt, sweatshirt/hoodie, or other light jacket, as well as a pair or two of long pants can help you weather a variety of conditions as well as being helpful guards against poison ivy and mosquitoes. Pack for a range of summertime weather to ensure you are comfortable at Kamp!

Please refer to What To Bring To Camp for a complete list of clothing needs.

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