Our Cabin Adoption Program

The mission of Kaleo on the River is to provide a self-sustaining facility that may be used in order to further our Christian camp ministry of providing spiritually-nourishing camps and conferences as well as a place for all to grow in health, spirit, and relationships. Kamp Kaleo has eight cabins, three gazebos, the Lodge, the Staff Cabin, the Welcome Center, and the Discovery Center building on the beautiful property along the North Loup River. Our cabin adoption program is a unique way you can help contribute to this mission! The cabin adoption program will allow us to keep facilities up-to-date with the building standards of Kaleo on the River. It also ensures that campers, families, and churches can experience the serenity of Kamp Kaleo for generations to come.

Donor Benefits
We believe that a donation through the cabin adoption program is one of greatest contributions to the sustainability and future of Kamp Kaleo. There are many benefits for the Cabin Adoption Program donors, including:
● Donors will be honored with a plaque displayed on the outside of their adopted building/cabin.
● Donors will receive 25% off of their rental fee of their adopted building. Rental dates must be scheduled around our summer camping season and approved by the Camp Administrator.
● Donors may receive tax benefits through their donation to the Cabin Adoption Program. Please consult your financial advisor to determine your tax benefits.
● The cabin/building that you adopt will remain the property of Kaleo on the River and will be ready to be enjoyed by you and your family.
● Once a cabin/building is adopted, donors will be encouraged to maintain the appearance of the building such as painting, new curtains, landscaping, etc. for the duration of their cabin adoption agreement. The cost of the supplies will be paid for with your donations and/or Kaleo Funds. Structural maintenance is not required from the cabin/building donor.

A Variety of Options to Choose From
Our Cabin Adoption Program is designed to provide a variety of options for families and organizations to choose from:
● Gazebo – $100 Annually
● Cabin – $250 Annually
● Welcome Center – $350 Annually
● Upper Level Discovery Center – $500 Annually
● Lodge – $1500 Annually (can be split by 3 parties)
● Staff Cabin – $500 Annually

Renovation costs are based on upgrading the cabin to current Kaleo on the River standards and are determined by the building’s square footage and needs. Contributed funds pay for major renovations to meet today’s demands for increased safety and comfort. The length of the adoption agreement is one full calendar year.

Immediate Settlement
The majority of our cabin donations are made in the form of immediate settlement. By this we mean that the donor will make half of the required donation no later than September 1st of the year they donate/adopt the cabin and the other half of the required donation in January or February of the following year. This allows the donor to spread the donation between two different tax years.

Contact Information
Kamp Kaleo is happy to assist you with cabin adoption information. Please feel free to contact us for a property tour of available cabins and building sites:
● Phone: (308) 730-0333
● Location: 46872 Willow Springs Rd. Burwell, NE 68823
● Email: